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For over 16 years, we have been co-creating the photovoltaic market in Poland, providing high-quality components and the best PV solutions to companies that design, assemble and service photovoltaic installations. Since 2010, we have specialised in comprehensive advice and the sale of energy storage systems. Our customers can count on professional technical support in designing PV installations, energy storage systems, and servicing photovoltaic systems. We also manufacture PV mounting systems with Magnelis® coating and prefabricated consumer units in Poland. We are the 3rd biggest seller of PV modules in Poland based on research from the Institute of Renewable Energy. In 2022, we have opened up to foreign markets: we are present in 32 countries.

Together with our business partners, we implement large-scale PV projects, supplying the necessary PV components, and providing technical or financial support.

We are fit for the future, we have the know-how, we employ the best experts, and we have compiled a wide range of high-quality products. We are ready to dynamically respond to new challenges brought by the market. We are not afraid of innovations and bold ideas, which is why we look for and set new development directions.

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設立 2006
言語 ドイツ語,英語,イタリア語,ポーランド語,ロシア語,ウクライナ語
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  • ¥45.9 / Wp
    Vertex S TSM-D...
    Trina Solar 単結晶
  • ¥49.4 / Wp
    Vertex TSM-DEG...
    Trina Solar 両面受光型
  • ¥42.4 / Wp
    TW400-420MAP M...
    TW Solar 単結晶
  • ¥48.9 / Wp
    Vertex S TSM-D...
    Trina Solar 単結晶
  • ¥47.9 / Wp
    SL5M108 400-41...
    SunLink PV PERC
  • Performance 6 ...
    SunPower PERC
  • Performance 6 ...
    SunPower 両面受光型,PERC
  • Maxeon 5 AC 40...
    SunPower 単結晶
  • ¥46.5 / Wp
    Trina Solar 単結晶
  • ¥45.7 / Wp
    SunLink PV 単結晶
  • ¥45.6 / Wp
    Vertex S TSM-D...
    Trina Solar 単結晶
  • ¥49.7 / Wp
    Vertex S+ TSM-...
    Trina Solar 単結晶
  • ¥43.4 / Wp
    Trina Solar 単結晶


  • HPT 3-11K
    Hypontech 系統連系型
  • HBS 3-6K
    Hypontech ハイブリッド
  • HHS 3-6K
    Hypontech ハイブリッド
  • HPT 30~50K
    Hypontech 系統連系型
  • SOFAR 1-3.3KTL-G3
    SOFAR 系統連系型
  • HYD 5K-20KTL-3PH
    SOFAR ハイブリッド
  • SOFAR 3.3K-12K...
    SOFAR 系統連系型
  • SOFAR 25K-50KT...
    SOFAR 系統連系型
  • HMT-18000/2250
    Hoymiles マイクロ・インバーター
  • HM-1000/1200/1500
    Hoymiles マイクロ・インバーター
  • SPI30//33/36/4...
    Kehua Tech On-grid,hybrid
  • SPI250K-B-H
    Kehua Tech On-grid,hybrid
  • HMS-1600-2000-4T
    Hoymiles マイクロ・インバーター


  • iStoragE3 Series
    Kehua Tech スタンドアローン
  • FORCE H2
    Pylon Technologies スタンドアローン
  • Powercube X1-H...
    Pylon Technologies スタンドアローン
  • US2000C-5000
    Pylon Technologies インテリジェント

Solar Panels

Trina Solar

A pioneer among PV module manufacturers, on the market for 24 years. Since then, Trina Solar has set as many as 22 records in the field of cell efficiency and module power and has registered over 2,100 patents. High-quality products are a priority for Trina Solar, which is why each panel goes through 200 internal tests before being introduced on the market. The company has been appreciated in numerous rankings, incl. Bloomberg Tier 1, Delloite Technology Fast 50. Up to June 2021, Trina Solar had delivered 77 GW modules all over the world, thanks to which it was included in the list of the "Top 500 private companies in China”.

SunLink PV

SunLink PV was one of the first Chinese manufacturers to start producing silicon modules – the company was established in 2004. Since then, it has been providing technology to ensure sustainable development and create solutions intended for renewable energy. 4 years after its founding, the company entered the European market. As a result of our cooperation, the brand entered the Polish market in 2009. Today, SunLink products are available on all continents.


SunPower modules are manufactured and sold by Maxeon Solar Technologies, a global leader in innovative solar energy solutions. Since 1985, over 30 million SunPower panels have been installed in over 100 countries around the world. The unique design of SunPower modules provides exceptional durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

Inverters & Storage Systems


From the very beginning, it was Hypontech's mission to create solutions that would drive the world forward with the energy of the future.

• Appreciated by installers – Top PV Brand Poland 2021

• Components provided by Texas Instruments, Stäubli, Santon

• Easy assembly and configuration, Wi-Fi logger include

• Good value for money

• Clear and intuitive HiPortal application

• 10-year product warranty


One of the largest manufacturers of inverters in the world, a brand present in over 80 countries, was founded in 2013.

• Winner of TOP PV Brand Poland in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

• A great solution not only for single and three-phase installations but also for PV power plants with energy storage.

• ISO 9001 and ISO certificates 14001.

• High quality of production standards translates to a 10-year warranty.

• The most popular brand of inverters in Poland in 2020 and 2021.


Hoymiles was founded in 2008, it is one of the fastest-growing microinverter manufacturers in the World.

• No.1 CEC efficiency in the world.

• Guaranteed quality, faults index below 0.01%.

• A complete range of products from 300 W up to 2250 W.

• Microinverters supporting 1, 2, 4, and 6 PV modules.

• Distribution in 100 countries.

• Standard 12-year warranty with the possibility of extension to 25 years.

Kehua Tech

Kehua is a leading manufacturer of inverters with over 33 years of experience and is also a pioneer in the Chinese market.

• In 2021, Kehua was listed in the TOP 10 Inverter Bloomberg and in the TOP 5 of the best hybrid inverters in the world according to the IHS market.

• For over 23 years Kehua has been the best manufacturer of UPS systems in China.

• The company has one of the most advanced R&D centers in China.

• Kehua products are efficient, flexible, and grid-friendly.

ProJoy Electric

PROJOY Electric is a manufacturer of electrical devices, including rapid shutdown switches both high and low voltage, sensors, intelligent components, and energy management systems. The company has three research and development centres and employs an international team specialising in the use of electrical and intelligent energy. In 2022, Projoy is going to open a new and modern 4000m2 factory.


Tigo is a world leader in Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) famous for its innovative solutions that greatly increase the safety and production of energy while lowering the operating costs of solar installations. Tigo TS4 platform maximizes the gains from PV systems and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available. Tigo Energy was founded in Silicon Valley in 2007 to accelerate solar energy implementation around the world. Tigo systems operate all over the world and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable, and safe solar energy daily.

Soltec - More than you think

Since 2006, we have been co-creating the photovoltaic market in Poland, providing high-quality components of PV systems to companies that design, assemble and service PV installations.

Our scientific background, experience in the production of semiconductors, and many years of working together with various manufacturers have given us enough knowledge and experience to choose only the best products for our offer.

3rd biggest seller of PV modules 3rd in Poland in 2021

16 years on the market

12 years of experience in providing energy storage solutions

11 million components sold in the last 3 years

6,15 MWh of energy storage systems sold

Selected Brands


PV Modules


Energy Storage Systems

Mounting Structures

Electrical Protectors




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Our customers can count on comprehensive technical support – configuration of the hardware, help in contacting the manufacturer, and support with refunds. We also provide a professional service for photovoltaic components.

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