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貴社はソーラーインバータを調達するか、ソーラー製造装置の新規顧客を見つけているか- ENFは、PV業界の皆のための豊富な情報を持っています。”

ENF Dragon Book


Solar N Plus New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd

Achieve powerful and long-lasting energy production with the Sirius series from Solar N Plus, the perfect choice for your solar needs. For more information:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvWfFCtAnIE&t=3s

Jiangsu Weiheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Ecactus)

WeiHeng's TIANWU 100kW/233kWh liquid cooling all-in-one ESS has arrived at the customer factory in the Netherlands. TIANWU C&I ESS now joins forces with a slot-in design, offering versatility across scenarios.

Jiangsu Huaneng Intelligent Energy Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd.

Huaneng has built the world’s first 100MW-level decentralized control grid type energy storage power station. https://www.chng.com.cn/en/detail_newsroom/-/article/ORRxM6PfzKtK/v/1162568.html

Xiamen HQ Mount Tech Co., Ltd

The teachers of Xiamen HQ Mount focus on the cultivation, establishment and practice of "green consciousness", and can build sustainable buildings from the source. https://www.hqmount.com

Xiamen Kseng Metal Tech Co., Ltd.

The best way to obtain optimal solar power?Get a KST solar tracker!Featuring our advanced SmartTrack controller system,KST solar tracker can adapt to all-weather condition.→https://xmkseng.com/solar-tracker_c14



Hanersun announced the signing of a Memorandum of understanding ("MoU") with Solfácil to supply HITOUCH 5N modules for a total capacity of 400MW. This will be the first large-scale shipment of Hanersun's HITOUCH 5N 585W high-performance module to Brazil, expanding access to the technology and benefiting more end ...


GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its application for the issuance of shares to specific targets has been approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Review Center. The private placement was approved at the meeting on 22 November, and the shares will be listed on the Main Board of She...


Everest, Himalayas' Mount, the highest peak in the world, has inspired countless individuals to challenge themselves. The height of 8848m symbolizes not only courage and perseverance, but also innovation and transcendence. Everest G12R, the rectangular heterojunction (HJT) solar module series, was officially laun...


In an initiative that resonates with the spirit of Indian Government's vision of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" (self-reliant India), GoodWe announces a 500KWp Solar Project in India. This project marks the company's first smart cowshed in the country, showcasing a potential model for energy independence in the nation's da...


Canadian Solar Inc. today announced that e-STORAGE, which is part of the Company's majority-owned subsidiary CSI Solar Co., Ltd., has been selected as the preferred supplier for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction ("EPC") and Operations and Maintenance ("O&M") by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP...