Solaris Green Energy Co., Ltd.
654/1 Moo4, Saithai Amphur Muang, Krabi, 81000
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Solaris Green Energy is a Thailand-based distributor and supplier for renewable energy products.

We offer a wide range of products from solar panels and solar inverters, to complete solar systems for residential and commercial markets.

Future technologies such as Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are our key focus in this rapidly growing market. Especially high-quality products from Alpha ESS, like Alpha Smile B3, Alpha Smile 5, Alpha Smile T10 and Alpha Storion T50/T100 representing this expanding market perfectly.

Solaris Green Energy has long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide and has built up a growing network with Thailand based Installer and EPC companies.

Solaris Green Energy is aiming to bring renewable energy to Thailand. Our directors have experience in the fields of renewable energy, property development and construction and are now focusing this experience on creating a company that will make all forms of renewable energy a realistic option to all businesses and individuals. Thailand has been a bit slow in adopting solar technology but is catching up fast. Solaris believes that there is a huge potential with not only the cost benefits but also helping to keep Southern Thailand’s environment clean.

For all of our projects we select only the highest quality products and components and provide engineering and construction to the highest standards in an effort to provide the most efficient and effective renewable energy power systems. We are focused on helping our partners and clients generate clean energy and an attractive return on investment.

Solaris Green Energy’s philosophy is to offer our clients and partners independent solutions that are reliable and value-driven. We believe that together with our partners we can provide the greatest, positive environmental and community impact.

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設立 2013-04-17
言語 英語,タイ語


  • Mars M3 EL-435...
    East Lux Energy 単結晶
  • JAM72S20 445-4...
    JA Solar PERC
  • JAM72S30 525-5...
    JA Solar PERC
  • Mars M5 EL-525...
    East Lux Energy PERC


  • SUN2000-2/3/4/...
    Huawei Technolo... 系統連系型
  • SUN2000-5/8/10...
    Huawei Technolo... 系統連系型
  • SUN2000-15/20K...
    Huawei Technolo... 系統連系型
  • SUN2000-60KTL-M0
    Huawei Technolo... 系統連系型
  • Growatt 2500-6...
    Growatt New Energy 系統連系型
  • MOD 10~15KTL3-X
    Growatt New Energy 系統連系型
  • MID 15~25KTL3-X
    Growatt New Energy 系統連系型
  • SPF 3500~5000 ES
    Growatt New Energy On-grid,Off-grid
  • Smart DT Series
    GoodWe 系統連系型
  • MT Series
  • SUNNY BOY 3.0-6.0
    SMA 系統連系型
    SMA 系統連系型
  • Sunny Tripower...
    SMA 系統連系型


  • SMILE-T10-HV
    AlphaESS スタンドアローン
  • Storion-T50/100
    AlphaESS インテリジェント
  • SMILE5
    AlphaESS インテリジェント
  • SMILE-B3
    AlphaESS インテリジェント

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