12BB Poly-crystalline Black Silicon Solar Cell

12BB Poly-crystalline Black Silicon Solar Cell

Solarspace Technology Co., Ltd
セルタイプ: 多結晶
出力領域: 4.81 Wp
地域: 中国 中国
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スタート価格 ¥22.3 / Wp
  • 最大出力: 5.44 W
  • セルタイプ: 単結晶
  • 外形寸法: 158.75×158.75 mm
  • 対角線: --
  • 電池厚み: 170 µm
  • Pmax: 5.44 W
  • Vmpp: 0.566 V
  • Impp: 9.611 A
  • 開回路電圧: 0.671 V
  • 短絡電流: 10.164 A
  • FF: 79.76 %
  • 効率: 21.6 %
  • 母線数: 5
  • バスバー材質:
  • はんだパッドの番号: 5
  • ソルダリングパッド材質:
  • 减反射膜: 窒化シリコン


結晶種類 多結晶
表面 (-)  
母線数 12
裏面 (+)  
はんだパッドの番号 12
最大出力 (Pmax)
4.81 W
公称最大出力動作電圧 (Vmpp)
0.551 V
公称最大出力動作電流 (Impp)
8.725 A
公称開放電圧 (Voc)
0.639 V
公称短絡電流 (Isc)
9.31 A
曲線因子 (FF)
80.81 %

Solarspace Technology Co., Ltd

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No .1, Kunming Road, Economic Developing Zone, Peixian, Xuzhou, Jiangsu
スタッフナンバ―: 3,000
注意:お問い合わせはSolarspace Technology Co., Ltd.に直接に送信されます。


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Zhiqing Yu
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Alba Chenyang Zhu
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Monica Liang

Solar Space was founded in 2010, since then, we dedicate to become the most innovative PV solution provider in the worId.

Solar Space distributes its solar products and services to diversified utility, commercial and residential customer all over the world. Our clients include JinKo Solar, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, GCL, SUMEC, URE, UAB SOLI TEK, Philadelphia, Waaree, GOLDI, Hansol, and JSPV. As of December 2021, Solarspace is TOP5 Global, market share ranks first in India and third in South Korea, with more than 50 overseas customers.

Solar Space has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an annual capacity of 18 GW for PV cells, and 5 GW for PV modules in 2021.

Now we have 5 productions facilities in China, and more overseas service center under plan.

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