SPI Completes Acquisition of 4.3MW of Solar PV Projects in Italy

公開日 2015/03/18
SPI Solar  CECEP Solar Technology 

Solar Power, Inc. today announced that SPI, together with its wholly owned subsidiary, SPI China (HK) Limited, has completed its previously announced acquisition of 4.3MW of photovoltaic projects in Italy from CECEP Solar Energy Hong Kong Co., Limited.

Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman of SPI, stated, "This acquisition expands SPI's global PV operating asset portfolio, and marks the beginning of a close working alliance with CECEP. Alongside our recently announced agreement with RE Projects Development to co-develop PV projects in the UK, this deal demonstrates SPI's growing presence in key European markets."


SPI Solar (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/spi-solar
CECEP Solar Technology (ソーラー素材): https://jp.enfsolar.com/cecep-solar-technology
CECEP Solar Technology (ソーラーパネル): https://jp.enfsolar.com/cecep-solar-technology
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