ET Solar Delivers 6.1MW PV Modules to UK's Rooftop Project

公開日 2015/03/05
ET Solar 
ET Solar announces that it has supplied 6.068MW of PV modules that have been installed on the rooftop of British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) distribution center in the East Midlands of England, at Castle Donington.

The project was engineered by SBC Renewables who chose ET Solar modules. Dr Clive Weatherby, Technical Director of SBC, commented: "ET modules are recognized for their world leading performance especially at lower levels of irradiation, which is important when deploying them on gently inclined rooftops such as this."

The installation was undertaken by Mark Group and is already connected to the grid. Spread across 900,000 sq ft with more than 24,272 ET Solar PV modules, the project will generate over 5,000MWh of electricity per year, and sufficiently power 25% of the power of M&S' fully automated distribution center, reducing the retailer's carbon footprint by 48,000 tonnes over the next 20 years. By 2020, M&S expects renewable energy sources to address half of its electricity requirement.

Dennis She, ET Solar's President and CEO, said: "In the following years, by incorporating more innovative technologies to make our PV modules more efficient, reliable, sustainable and in particular, adapted to local requirements, ET Solar aims to help more clients reduce electricity cost with clean solar energy."


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