Nextronex Inc. Announces Inverter Supply for 1.5MW Solar Farm Project

公開日 2014/10/17
Nextronex  Amber Enterprises 
Nextronex Inc. was pleased to announce that their RAY-MAX® Distributed Architecture TM Inverter System has been specified for the 1.5MW PV solar farm project located at the United States Department of Agriculture's George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) "This project will be the largest solar photovoltaics project in the Washington DC metropolitan area," states Jay Troger, Nextronex's CEO. 

The project will consist of American made 4,750 SolarWorld 315W solar panels and Nextronex's patented inverter system. This system will reduce energy consumption required by the GWCC buildings by 2,140,000kwh per year. Not only will the energy savings will be equivalent to planting 37,345 trees per year, the carbon offset (CO2) per year equals 2,110,500 tons. Over the system's lifetime, it is estimated that 591.5 rail cars of coal will be saved. 

Amber Enterprises will construct the project in two phases, commissioning the first phase of this project by December 2014. Inverters that will be employed in the GWCC field include the complete solution Gen 1 with podium and LC medium voltage.

出所: Nextronex Inc.

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