EDF Renewable Energy to Sell 20MW CID Solar Project

公開日 2014/06/23
EDF Renouvelables  First Solar 
June 19, 2014 - EDF Renewable Energy today announced that Dominion will acquire the CID Solar Project. The asset sale agreement will close upon completion of installation, after which EDF RE will manage the commissioning and place the project in service.

CID Solar Project, located on 200 acres of private land in eastern Kings County, approximately two miles north of the City of Corcoran, California, was developed by EDF RE and is designed as a 20MW ground-mount facility comprised of First Solar Series 3 solar photovoltaic modules with horizontal single-axis trackers. Construction commenced on June 12, 2014 with an anticipated date of operation in the Fall, 2014.

The project's clean energy will be delivered to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). EDF Renewable Energy and PG&E have a 24 year business relationship whereby 454MW of renewable energy generation is provided to PG&E through nine projects.

"We are pleased to introduce Dominion to our asset sale activity and help diversify their generating portfolio with solar energy," said Raphael Declercq, EDF Renewable Energy's Director of Divestiture and Portfolio Management. "The acquisition agreement was collaboratively structured in order to allow EDF RE to execute on its expertise as a project developer and construction manager while meeting the goals of our customer to grow their renewable energy asset portfolio."


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