Hanwha SolarOne Receives Product Carbon Footprint Certification

公開日 2014/02/24
Hanwha SolarOne 
Feb. 21, 2014 - Hanwha SolarOne is among the first PV manufacturers to have its solar modules certified with the new international standard for carbon footprint assessment, ISO 14067. The certificates were issued by German safety standard authority TÜV Rheinland in January 2014.

The ISO 14067 is an internationally recognized technical specification for quantifying carbon emissions throughout a product's life cycle. For products that are part of a supply chain, the standard involves a partial assessment "From cradle to Factory-Gate" to ensure the highest possible accuracy. In order to secure a viable methodology for different product groups, the standard specifies different Product Category Rules (PCR). The solar modules from Hanwha SolarOne, HSL 60 Poly and HSL 72 Poly, were assessed according to the Product Category Rules for crystalline solar cells.

"The documentation of greenhouse gas emissions is of increasing importance, especially in markets where tenders and green certificates are significant market drivers," said Winfried Wahl, Senior Director of Products and Marketing at Hanwha SolarOne GmbH. "A standardized and internationally recognized assessment is crucial for meaningful benchmarking. We are proud to receive carbon footprint certificates in accordance with the new ISO standard, thereby contributing to increased transparency in the industry."


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