Yingli Launches UL Certified 1,000 Volt Utility-Scale Solar Modules

公開日 2012/09/12
Yingli Green Energy  Array Technologies 

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited today announced that it is among the first solar PV manufacturers to introduce a 72 cell solar PV module certified by Underwriters Laboratories ("UL") for a maximum system voltage rating of 1,000V. This new product is marketed under the name "YGE-U 72 Cell." 

Specifically designed for the utility-scale market, the YGE-U 72 Cell module lowers balance-of-system costs by decreasing the required number of wire runs and combiner boxes. The module also allows increased maximum system voltage, which improves system performance by reducing resistive losses. The end result is increased PV system energy yield.

In addition, Yingli Green Energy's new linear performance warranty applies to all YGE-U 72 Cell modules. This linear performance warranty guarantees nine percent more power output over the module's lifetime than Yingli Green Energy's standard step warranty, providing confidence to project stakeholders and facilitating access to debt financing.

Mr. Liansheng Miao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yingli Green Energy, commented, "The North American market is a strategic priority for Yingli Green Energy, and we are committed to expanding the rapidly growing utility-scale segment.  We are pleased to offer modules tailored to our utility customers, who require the utmost in performance and reliability."

Robert Petrina, Managing Director of Yingli Green Energy Americas, added, "Industry analysts predict up to 60% growth in the North American utility-scale solar market by 2013. By introducing the YGE-U 72 Cell Series, Yingli Americas is positioned to take first-mover advantage of this growth. Our module enhances utility-scale projects' profitability by simplifying the permitting process, boosting performance and reducing balance-of-systems costs."

"As the preferred independent testing and certification organization headquartered in the United States, earning UL certification is a significant achievement. State and local building and electrical authorities in the U.S. instantly recognize and confidently accept the UL Mark as a sign of safety and quality," said Ms. Evelyn Butler, Global Business Director of UL's Energy and Fueling Systems businesses.

The YGE-U 72 Cell Series is fully compatible with single-axis solar tracking systems manufactured by Array Technologies. Ron Corio, President and CEO of Array Technologies, commented, "It is crucial for solar PV module manufacturers to develop products that meet the specific technical requirements of large-scale project developers, including solar tracking compatibility. Yingli Green Energy is progressive in meeting the needs of the utility PV marketplace."



Yingli Green Energy (ソーラー素材): https://jp.enfsolar.com/yingli-green-energy
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