Henkel Works on Metal Coating Process to Protect CPV Solar System

公開日 2012/09/04
Henkel  GreenVolts 

Henkel today announced that its Aquence® Co-Cure technology has been selected for use by GreenVolts®, Inc. GreenVolts and its investor and global strategic partner ABB are the first to use this process for solar energy equipment.

Henkel worked with GreenVolts and AkzoNobel to customize a process that layers Henkel's Aquence® autodeposition coatings with Akzo's powder topcoat and "co-cures" them in a single oven. This lean paint shop process now provides solar components with higher quality finishes, increased durability, and ultraviolet protection for 25 years. Additionally, the process reduces environmental impact, since it contains no heavy metals or sludge, and lowers water and energy requirements.

"When we realized we could bring greater durability in our system to our customers, while reducing the use of chemicals that can be harmful to workers and the environment, we knew we had a hit with Henkel," said David Gudmundson, President and CEO of GreenVolts. "Then, when we measured improvements in performance and saw the quality of the finished product, we knew we had a home run."

Most solar equipment manufacturers use a hot-dip galvanization process to protect their metal parts. While industry-standard, this process has drawbacks. The high temperatures can introduce stresses in the dipped metal parts. These stresses and any dimensional distortions can be weak points in a system. Also, the galvanization process leaves a thick layer that can be problematic for complex shapes, especially internal cavities. For example, threaded holes may reduce in size so that bolts do not fit properly. The Aquence® process is more precise, and can provide a smoother, higher quality surface for topcoats and finishes.

"Henkel is committed to developing superior coating technologies, like Aquence® Co-Cure to meet industrial and environmental needs," said Chuck Evans, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, Henkel North America. "We are very excited to have the Aquence® Co-Cure technology expand from one high tech industry, automotive to another one of solar through GreenVolts. This is a true testament of our commitment to bringing innovative technology to industrial market segments."



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