Canadian Solar Expands Presence in South American Solar Market

公開日 2013/06/05
CSI Solar 
June 4, 2013 - Canadian Solar Inc. today announced that is has opened a sales and business development office in Sao Paulo, Brazil to expand and strengthen the company's South American sales network and broaden regional customer service capabilities. 

Canadian Solar expands into the emerging South American solar market with a strong product portfolio for commercial, utility-scale and off-grid markets. The company also aims to further its utility-scale project development arm, create residential and commercial customer base in this new market, as solar continues to develop and claim a larger part of the Brazilian renewables matrix.

"South America has long been a promising market for solar, and having a strong presence in Brazil is a strategic move for Canadian Solar," said Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Solar. "Canadian Solar has a proven track record of success around the globe and we look forward to replicating this momentum in the South American market. We are also proud to bring on board a new general manager for South America, Claudio Loureiro, who was instrumental in launching Canadian Solar operations in this new market." 

"I've always been attracted to great teams and compelling business models, and Canadian Solar hits the mark on both fronts," said Claudio Loureiro, general manager, South America for Canadian Solar. "I look forward to working closely with Canadian Solar customers and partners as we delve deeper into this emerging market to further the company's success in the Americas."


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