Domat Receives TÜV SÜD Certification for PV Monitoring

公開日 2013/03/18
Domat Control System 
March 6, 2013 – Domat Control System announced that on February 27, 2013, its PV plant monitoring system was certified by the independent certification authority TÜV SÜD as the first in the world. The certification includes data quality and storage, failure localization, graphical interface, derived parameters, maximum data processing delay, remote access, and alarming.

"The certification is a very important moment for us. We put the accent on standards, proper project execution, and systematic approach. An independent audit means a warranty for our customers that their projects will be executed according to clear rules. However, what I find exceptional and exciting is that we achieved the PV plant monitoring system certification as the first company in the world. We have been active in monitoring and control of PV plants since 2008, and the certification seems to me as a valuation of our long-term know how", says Radim Barša, head of system sales of Domat Control System. 

The document was received from the TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. representatives by Radim Barša and Jan Vidim, head of the development department. "A functional monitoring is the only way to guarantee long-term PV plant yields. Only with systematic monitoring of production and environmental parameters it is possible to plan the necessary maintenance and answer swiftly to production-related problems“, says Jan Vidim. „The certificate will support the cooperation with partners abroad in the countries where our systems are deployed. We believe it will help us to strenghten our position already at ISH Frankfurt in March, and then at Intersolar in June."

出所: Domat

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