RECOM Technologies and SINN Power Collaborated to Develop a Unique Conveyor Belt PV System in Germany

公開日 2023/04/21
RECOM Technologies announces the completion of the unique pioneering 1km Conveyor Belt PV System at a gravel plant in Bavaria in cooperation with our valuable partner SINN Power on land and on water.

The Conveyor Belt PV System is a unique solution where benefit from solar power is achieved without additional land usage: the PV modules are added to the existing substructure of the conveyor belt. Therefore, the installation is permit free and allows an immediate construction start. For the project, 1,760 RECOM Lion Series Bifacial Heterojunction Mono Crystalline Modules of 470 Watts were installed delivering total 850KWp total power.

This innovative solution is designed for maximum profitability, so the electrical feed-in happens directly at the conveyor belt – where the power is needed - without loss of performance. Its robust aluminum structure is built to withstand environmental forces as well as allow an easy transportation and installation.


RECOM (ソーラーパネル):
RECOM (ソーラーコンポーネント):
SINN Power (ソーラーコンポーネント):
SINN Power (ソーラー施工):
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