Philadelphia Solar Implemented 18.7 MW Solar Power Project in Jordan

公開日 2021/04/20
Philadelphia Solar 
Philadelphia solar implemented 18.7 MW solar power project in Jordan.

This project was sponsored by Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) to provide the building and branches of the general institutions for Social Security and the Investment Fund building with solar power which will cover their need of Electricity. The project included three stations to generate electricity from solar energy with a total capacity of 18.7 megawatts at a total cost of JD 17 million, which the fund will recover within 3 years.

An annual saving in expenditures for the Social Security Corporation (SSC) of JD 5 million is realized, along with the good-quality jobs was provided to approximately 300 Jordanian engineers and workers.

The construction work of the 3rd plant in Al Rama, Jordan Valley, is completed, and its opening ceremony was held by the chairwoman of the Social Security Investment Fund, Kholoud Al-Saqqaf.

Constructing solar power stations started at the beginning of the year 2020 by establishing the first station, which was inaugurated July 2020 in the Ghor Kabid area, which provides energy to a hotel in the Dead Sea. The second station in the Jariba area, Zarqa, was inaugurated Feb. 2021, and provides energy to the building and branches of the SSC, the SSIF building, and a hotel in Amman.

This project is an important step in investing in a green economy and converting to clean energy.


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