Dow Expands into Singapore

公開日 2018/07/27
Dow announced the opening of a Customer Innovation Center in Singapore.

"As a global innovation leader in materials science, Dow is committed to pioneering next-generation advanced materials solutions while enabling easy, enjoyable and effective customer interactions," said Dr. Bob Maughon, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Hydrocarbons R&D Vice President. "We believe in the power of innovating with customers as a team -- this force of collaboration will enable us to gain more insights into our target markets and to leverage more expertise and resources to maximize the results of our innovation efforts."

"As an advocate for collaborative innovation, Dow is deeply engaged in working with key stakeholders including customers and partners to deliver game-changing solutions to address pain points of customers and end-users," said Dr. Yao Weiguang, chief technology officer of Dow Asia Pacific. "Southeast Asia is a dynamic market. In order to capture the tremendous opportunities here, we must keep building on our leadership in collaborative innovation, while putting customers at the core of everything we do. The Singapore Customer Innovation Center will serve as the platform to help us achieve this imperative."

"The opening of the Singapore Customer Innovation Center is an important milestone in Dow's business growth and the implementation of our customer-centric strategy in Southeast Asia. It demonstrates our strong confidence in and long-term commitment to the region," said Kenny Ogawa, Dow President, Southeast Asia. "The enhanced solution capabilities enabled by the center will help us meet the demands of the thriving market in a more competitive manner."


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