Origis Energy Announced the Installation of Solar Power Plants in Mississippi

公開日 2017/09/29
Origis Energy 
Cooperative Energy and Origis Energy USA announced the installation of the solar power panels at the 540-acre solar site located near Sumrall in Lamar County. Construction began in April on the 52MW solar energy facility, which will provide clean energy to the generation and transmission cooperative's 423,000 members across Mississippi. Origis Energy has developed, is constructing, and will operate the electric generation site. Cooperative Energy will purchase all power produced at the location.

"Our members have told us they want more renewable energy in our portfolio," said Jim Compton, Cooperative Energy's president and CEO. "The project provides a significant amount of solar energy to power the homes and businesses we serve. So we are responding to our members, and also providing clean, affordable energy."

"Cooperative Energy has employed a studied approach to its solar facilities development to serve its members for many years to come," said Guy Vanderhaegen, chief executive officer and president of Origis Energy USA. "It is exciting to see the panels installed at the Sumrall site. This milestone represents a culmination of the dedication Cooperative Energy has shown on behalf of its members to solar energy investments benefiting all stakeholders."


Origis Energy (ソーラー施工): https://jp.enfsolar.com/origis-energy
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