Monocrystal Introduces New Aluminum Paste for Local BSF Rear Passivation

公開日 2013/01/14

January 14, 2013 – Monocrystal today announced the introduction of new EFX Series aluminum paste for LBSF rear metallization.

The composition provides up to 19.8% electrical performance while applied at different PERC type monocrystalline solar cells.  The most important attribute of EFX Series is excellent sintering capability and adhesion to the passivated layer without damaging it. The paste is fired at temperature window of 750 - 880ºC and has a low bowing.

More than 3MW of solar modules has been produced in 2012 using Monocrystal EFX paste.

"In a highly competitive strive to cost per watt balance for solar energy Monocrystal brings great contribution and support to the customers by means of its highly effective conductive materials for revolutionary cell designs", said Mikhail Berest, VP Sales and Marketing of Monocrystal.


出所: Monocrystal

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