Suntech Announced Breakthough in Multicrystalline Solar Cell PERC Technology

公開日 2017/01/16
Suntech Power 
Suntech recently announced that its mass production conversion efficiency of multicrystalline silicon solar cell has reached 20%.

Wuxi Suntech devotes to the technical innovation to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells. In June 2016 the highest cell conversion efficiency has reacheded 21.3%. In the meantime, the Hydrogenation technology which was co-developed by Wuxi Suntech and Australia UNSW can decrease the LID (light induced degradation) rate of the multicrystaiiline silicon solar cells to zero.

According to the average conversion efficiency of the mass production of multicrystaiiline silicon PERC solar cells, 72 cells module will reach 330W which is 15W higher than the normal 315W module. 


Suntech Power (ソーラーパネル):
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