RECOM Joined Business Collaboration in Ukraine

公開日 2016/11/03
RECOM announces it has partnered with Kherson Regional State Administration, Ukraine, for the construction of several photovoltaic projects in the region. Kherson region is planning to increase the quota of electricity produced from renewable sources up to 23% by 2020.

RECOM was selected as one of the country's major partners on this venture. The exact locations of the projects will be communicated by RECOM in the following months.

"Ukraine is taking an important step towards expanding their alternative energy capacity and we are delighted to be working on another major European project. Innovation, Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, and Financial Solidity are all key factors that established us as trustable partners of Kherson Regional State Administration in Ukraine. " said RECOM CEO Hamlet Tunyan. 

From favorable payment terms to bridge financing for the construction of complete projects, RECOM handles "ready-to-build" solar parks, as well as acts as a "one-stop-shop" for developers, EPC companies and investors in renewables. RECOM uses such opportunities to support the construction cycle of PV parks until connection to the grid. 


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