Exten Solar's 500KW Fishpond Integrated with PV System Connect to Grid

公開日 2016/07/21
Recently, ExtenSolar's fishpond integrated with PV system successfully complete and connect to the grid. It is known that this project covers an area of 5000 square meter, with installed capacity 500KW, which is expected to generate power 650,000KWh, at the same time to save 80 tons of coal, reducing 209.6 tons of carbon dioxide.

The new mode of fishpond integrated with PV system means that module install over the pond, while upper layer work for power generation, the lower layer use for aquaculture. In this way, it could make full use of land, playing a good demonstration effect on combination development between land utilization and renewable energy. ExtenSolar provide suitable structure system base on site condition, this project could further optimize the local energy structure, reducing the pres-sure of environmental protection, after connecting to the grid, it surely can relieve tension situation of local electricity, so as to realize economic benefits.

As a new member in PV market, fishpond inte-grated with PV system reflect the concept of sus-tainable development, at present, it become a new trend of photovoltaic power generation. ExtenSolar Renewable energy company always follow up the change of market.

出所: Exten Solar

ExtenSolar (ソーラーコンポーネント): https://jp.enfsolar.com/extensolar
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