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The microgrid opportunity around the world continues to grow significantly. In 2018, the Global Microgrid Market size was 11,400 million US$ and is expected to reach 34,600 million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 14.9% during 2019-2025.* The reasons for this expected positive development include the falling cost of solar energy, advances in energy storage, the drive to mitigate climate change, and the cost savings associated with minimizing fossil fuels in remote generation systems. In addition, microgrids will play a central role in bringing electrification to rural and developing regions in which access to reliable, clean and affordable energy is a high priority.

The 13th edition of the Microgrid Global Innovation Forum, September 8-10, 2020 in London, focuses on microgrid advances, case studies and applications in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the emphasis is on maximizing the effective use of renewable and distributed energy resources, refining the positive business model for a range of microgrid deployments, and sharing real-world case studies in both grid-tied and off-grid/remote environments.

Conference Topics

● Microgrid feasibility, design, and implementation
● Refining the business case for off-grid, remote, and island microgrids
● Solar + storage advances
● Project financing and investor perspectives
● Determining the correct technology mix for hybrid energy systems
● Advanced battery, fuel cell, and flow battery technologies
● Microgrid power control, management, and integration
● Integrating distributed renewable energy resources into the grid
● Effective project evaluation, implementation, and management
● Regulatory and public policy advances
● Standards and interoperability issues
● Market drivers and opportunities worldwide
● Utilizing renewables-centric microgrids to achieve climate change goals
● and more

Why Participate

End User Attendees: Special arrangements have been made to accommodate the participation of project owners, developers, and utility energy professionals from key developing markets throughout EMEA, Asia-PAC, and Latin America

Real-World Lessons: The emphasis of the event is on key take-aways from leading microgrid projects in a range of regions and deployment environments

Executive Networking: Strategic partnerships and alliances will shape the future of this industry. The event will foster interaction among key decision makers and stakeholders across the microgrid spectrum

Results Oriented: Ample time is reserved for discussion of technology advances and projects at the forefront of microgrid development. Network with project principals and get up to speed on best practices and success strategies

Financing sources: Summit attendees will learn about effectively planning and financing renewable energy and microgrid projects, and network with key investment professionals who are looking to support such projects

Who Should Attend

● Microgrid project developers, owners, and entrepreneurs
● Utility and energy provider executives
● Solar PV, wind power, and renewable energy companies
● Power control system and software vendors
● Battery suppliers and energy storage companies
● Regulatory and policy development professionals
● Academic researchers, educators and professors
● Financial and VC professionals
● System integrators and project consultants