The 11th Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition

The 11th Iran International Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition

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Ⅰ. Introduction:

With the support from Iranian governmental agencies i.e. Ministry of Energy, Iran Energy Efficiency organization, Renewable Energy organization of Iran, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade, Iranian Fuel Conservation Company (IFCO), Fuel conservation & Transportation Committee, M&T Solutions Co. is planning to organize the 10th International Renewable Energy , Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition,Which will be held on 21-24 February 2018.

Having held eight extremely successful Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Exhibitions, the exhibition organizer is planning to hold the next edition of Iran International Renewable Energy Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition, focusing on the Renewable Energy & Energy-Saving and environmental sectors and addresses the capable companies and successful organizations in the field of energy to exhibit their latest achievements in the related fields.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

1. Renewable energies:

Wind power, solar power, photovoltaic, power generation from biogas, energy from biomass, power generation from urban waste, geothermal power, hydrogen energy

2. Conservation of energy and energy resources:

Electricity conservation, Lighting ( New Generation), Oil conservation, Reduction of coal consumption, Gas conservation, Industrial energy conservation, Energy conservation in the building industry, Energy conservation in transport, Saving water, Management, analysis and consulting for energy conservation: presentation of energy-saving methods, products and technologies

3. Environmental protection

4. Waste technology and recycling

5. Measuring, monitoring and laboratory-technology

6. Education, research, the media

Ⅲ. Why Exhibit:

◆ Your opportunity for an entry in the Iran energy market
◆ Ideal conditions for improving relations with customers and for acquiring new customers in Iran
◆ The exhibition is attended by governmental authorities
◆ Information and contact advantage thanks to the Energy saving 2016 specialized program
◆ 40,000+ trade visitors expected
◆ Valuable b2b contacts (2015: 96% trade visitors)
◆ Establish new and maintain existing business partnerships
◆ Strong media presence (2015: 80 accredited journalists from 7 countries)
◆ Free distribution of exhibitor press releases