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AEG products make solar an essential part of your journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. They are designed to grant you full control over your photovoltaic system and to give you peace of mind.

The AEG solar photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage systems, and monitoring offer you a holistic solution to make your home and workplace the control center of an intelligent and effortless energy revolution. Empowering you with sustainable energy solutions to reach your daily goals, whilst caring for the planet.

Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the Solar Solutions Group proudly brings AEG quality solar products to international markets and is managed by a team with over 30 years’ experience in the solar PV industry. As of today, AEG solar products are successfully installed in homes and projects across the globe and distributed by a network of selected partners in over 30 countries worldwide, each committing to bring the highest levels of the AEG experience to their customers.
タイプ: 単結晶
パワーレンジ(Wp): -
タイプ: PERC,両面受光型
パワーレンジ(Wp): 330-550


AEG solar modules are made to last and to deliver safely clean energy to household, commercial, and utility installations over their whole lifespan. This is possible thanks to advanced product design, the accurate selection of components, and exacting manufacturing standards.


We at Solar Solutions constantly strive to offer those technologies that have proven reliable in granting solar yields, and at the same time to optimize product design introducing new features to increase stability and efficiency -from PERC to multi busbar from half-cut cells to shingled to double glass and bifacial module technology.


In close cooperation with suppliers, we select high-quality components that are tested and certified to guarantee a solid product able to withstand demanding environmental challenges. While proven technical reliability is the core of the component selection, we ensure that these components grant each AEG module a perfect optical look.


The manufacturing process of AEG solar modules underlies exacting international standards which grant consistency in product quality and looks, and, ultimately, safety to the end customer.

The manufacturing facilities comply to the international quality, environmental and occupational health standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

AEG modules undergo exigent stress and endurance tests -such as accelerated stress tests- thermal, damp heat, humidity freeze cycles, as well as UV, static and dynamic mechanic load tests, tests against electrical shock hazard, fire hazard among others- that are meant to evaluate the solidity of module design against different stressors to ensure mechanical and structural safety. To guarantee independent assessments (according to the latest standards of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 and more), the AEG modules are certified by international certification authorities as TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Süd and TÜV Nord.

Each and every step of AEG solar module production is further regulated by a detailed list of Quality Assurance criteria that determine if the product qualifies as an AEG solar module; compliance to these criteria is regularly verified by the Solar Solutions Quality Team. After successfully passing this scrutiny, the AEG solar module is labelled with the AEG Quality Control Seal.
From here, through the hands of our selected and reliable partners of the AEG solar distribution network, the AEG solar modules reach the rooftops of customer homes and project sites to start its mission of delivering clean energy for its lifespan of 30 years and beyond.



The manufacturing quality of AEG solar modules is what allows us to offer warranties that go above the industry standards for product manufacture and performance. Currently, these cover 15 years product warranty and 25 years warranty on the module performance (30 years for glass-glass solar modules). Further, the Extended Warranty Program was developed to grant AEG solar owners even longer-lasting peace of mind. The conditions of the Extended Warranty Program are specific to the individual module types, country of application, and distribution channel.






  • AS-M1443-H(M10...
    535 ~ 545 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M3607Z-S(G1)
    395 ~ 400 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1202B-H(M6)
    365 ~ 375 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1202-H(G1)
    335 ~ 345 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M3207U-S(G12)
    430 ~ 435 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M3057U-S(G12)
    410 ~ 420 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M3407U-S
    400 ~ 410 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1083-H(M10...
    400 ~ 410 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1202-BH(M6)
    360 ~ 370 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M360U-S(G1)
    380 ~ 395 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1203-H(G1)
    335 ~ 350 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1202Z-GH(G1)
    320 ~ 330 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1202B-GH(G1)
    320 ~ 330 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1443-H(G1)
    410 ~ 420 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1443-H(M6)
    445 ~ 455 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1203B-H(M6)
    355 ~ 365 Wp 単結晶
  • AS-M1203-H(M6)
    370 ~ 380 Wp 単結晶
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米国 GST
タイプ: 系統連系型,ハイブリッド
既知の販売商数 インバーター 4 販売会社


  • AS-IR01 Series...
    0.75 ~ 4.6 kW 系統連系型
  • AS-IR01-2 Seri...
    3 ~ 4.6 kW 系統連系型
  • AS-IC01-2 Seri...
    4 ~ 10 kW 系統連系型
  • AS-IC01-2 Seri...
    12 ~ 35 kW 系統連系型
  • AS-IC01 Series...
    40 ~ 66 kW 系統連系型
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