Suzhou Shengcheng Solar Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 188, Tongdun Street, High-Tech Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu
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Suzhou Shengcheng Solar Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Located in Suzhou New District, the company now has over 2000 employees among whom more than 600 are R&D personnel.

Specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent equipment in solar industry, SC SOLAR not only provides customers with turnkey solutions for solar module manufacturing, which meeting their diversified requirements such as conventional glass-back sheet, G2G, half-cell, MBB, shingling modules production and so on, but also provides intelligent equipment in PV cells, silicon wafer manufacturing and other domains. Relying on advanced technology, efficient products and high-quality service, SC SOLAR has established a good reputation and brand image in the industry. SC SOLAR's business has covered all top solar companies. The company's products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. SC SOLAR ranks first in the market share of the photovoltaic module automation production line segment.

SC SOLAR keeps up with the trend of photovoltaic technology development, adapts to the trend of industrial development, actively embraces new technologies, and invests to establish a new intelligent equipment manufacturing center in early 2021. The project is used to add high-end photovoltaic module equipment production lines and establish R&D institution for core equipment of HJT and perovskite tandem solar cell. From module equipment to cell equipment, from automation equipment to core process equipment, SC SOLAR's every step forward is firm and steady. Up to now, the company has advanced technology reserves and actual product sales in the fields of TOPCon, HJT, perovskite and other high-efficiency solar cells and module equipment.

Since its establishment, SC SOLAR's team has focused on innovation, R&D and continuous quality improvement, and has been widely recognized by the society and customers. SC Solar has won numerous government honors such as"High-tech Enterprise" , "National Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise", "National smart photovoltaic pilot demonstration Enterprise" "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center", "Jiangsu Specialized New Small Giant Enterprise", and etc. In terms of product development, SC Solar has obtained 483 technical patents, of which 43 are invention patents. In addition, SC Solar has acquired ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the products have been approved by CE, ETL, UL certification of many countries. The product and service quality has been broadly recognized by customers and the society.

In the future, SC SOLAR will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness as the cornerstone, customer satisfaction as the criterion, technological innovation as the driving force, casting high-quality products as the pursuit, carrying forward the team spirit, modesty and prudence, pioneering and forging ahead, learning from others' strengths to create perfection", and carry forward "people-oriented, With the values ​​of continuous innovation, integrity and trustworthiness, customer first, openness and cooperation", SC Solar will strive to become the leader of intelligent equipment manufacturing in PV industry and make PV manufacturing easier.

ウェハー生産設備: ウェハーソーター,トラスファーマシン
セル生産設備: エッチング設備,粗面加工設備,セル外観検査装置,カセット,太陽電池成膜装置,トラスファーマシン,電池取り扱いシステム
結晶系パネル生産設備: モジュールターンキーの生産ライン,ソーラーシミュレータ,ガラス洗浄装置,自動結線配線配列装置,はんだフレーム処理,ストリンガ,タブ,ラミネート,硬化炉,太陽電池セル用レーザースクライビングとカッティング装置,太陽電池セル用機械的カッター,フレーミング設備,流れ作業工程,溶接棒の切断装置,溶接フラックス溶鉱炉,シリコーンディスペンサー,モジュール取り扱いシステム,オートメーション設備,トラスファーマシン,モジュールレイアップ装置,EL検査装置,絶縁抵抗計,その他,環境試験チャンバー,薄膜切断機
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