ENVEX 2023

COEX Convention Center, Seoul
+82 2 34071542
Seoul, South, 韓国 韓国


¥30,200 / m2


The 42st International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy is Korea's largest environmental technology and new renewable energy trade show. Through effective trade exhibition and operation system, it helps enterprises to promote overseas exports and growth. In 2017, the number of visitors to 41,706 projects surpassed 486.4 billion won. The largest domestic environmental professional exhibition in Korea with a total of 700 booths and a total exhibition area of 13,194 square meters.

Major domestic and overseas outstanding environmental exhibitors, overseas purchasers with purchasing power to make decisions (1,375 in 2016), introducing new technologies and major products through international environmental technology seminars and product demonstrations, and cooperating with overseas companies such as the China Environment Association Related groups to establish an exchange system to support South Korean enterprises to enter overseas. With 39 years of environment-specific exhibition experience, through the direct invitation of overseas buyers and promote targeted trade negotiations.


1. Energy

● Photovoltaic
Solar cell, Module, Solar Street lamps, Dye-sensitized solar cells, Solar heating system and related products & technologies

● Wind Power
Wind power generation system, Offshore wind power generation

● Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
Hydrogen infrastructure for production, storing, transportation and charging, Fuel cell for power generation, Fuel cell for transportation, Portable fuel cell

● Small hydro & Geothermal energy
Small hydro generation technology & system, Geothermal heating and cooling systems

● Marine
Tidal power generation, Marine current power, Wave power generation, Ocean thermal energy conversion

● Gasification & Bio
Coal liquefaction, Coal & Vacuum residue gasification technology, Biomass, Bio diesel, Bio Gas

2. Environment

● Water
Sewage & Waste water treatment, Membranes, River Purification, Refined water treatment, Livestock wastewater treatment, Microorganism, Water quality equipment, Design & Construction, Pump & Valve

● Air
Harmful gas treatment, Flue-gas desulfurization(FGD), Denitrification treatment, TMS, Air monitoring equipment, products improving indoor air quality

● Waste
Food waste treatment, Waste disposal, Waste gas treatment and recycling system, Related equipment

● Measurement & Analysis Devices
Measurement & Analysis of water quality/emissions, Measurement of Noise/Vibration, Weather observation, Analysis of toxic substances

● Eco-friendly products
Green constructions, Green electronics, products related to indoor air quality, Ecolabels, Appliances

● Ecological Restoration in Watersides
Rivers/Lakes purification, Ecological restoration, Soil restoration

● Seawater Desalination
Seawater desalination plant & system

● Chemicals
Environmental chemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Petrochemistry, Fine chemistry, Biochemistry, Car chemistry, Construction chemistry, Paper chemistry, Nanochemistry, Electronic chemistry, Chemical additives

● Government Policies & Projects

Government-affiliated organization PR booth, Climate change measures PR booth, Local government performance PR booth, Water environment PR booth, New growth engine technology development booth