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Quality connects the world!

Quick-Contact is a professional enterprise engaged in manufacturing and marketing electronic devices, junction boxes, sockets, and connectors.

QC has been rated as a "National High-tech Enterprise”, "National Authorized Cnas Laboratory", "Jiangsu R&D Center of Solar PV System", "PV Application System Engineering Technology Research Center of Suzhou City" and "Enterprise Technology Center of Suzhou City" by the Government.

Our company holds 236 patents for intellectual property and has made significant advancements in Suzhou, Jiangsu, and across the nation. We are a leading provider of industrial fast connectors and intelligent control systems, with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-reliability, long-life control systems.

Our product range comprises solar control connectors, industrial automatic connectors, signal connectors, outdoor waterproof connectors, multi-functional pins, smart combiner boxes, DC distribution cabinets, etc.

Our product design is characterized by originality and ingenuity. These products find wide application in automation, solar power generation, semiconductor lighting, medical devices, communication equipment, consumable electronics, and outdoor engineering.

Our connectivity systems have demonstrated the ability to deliver high currents, ensuring a more dependable connection, and providing outstanding insulation and weather-resistant performance. We are dedicated to providing our customers with faster, more effective, reliable, and safer control solutions.

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QC Solar — World's Leading Manufacturer of PV Junction Boxes, Cables, PV Connectors
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