FSM 325-360W

Futuresolar USA Inc
価格 ¥22.8 / Wp より
タイプ: 単結晶
出力領域: 325 ~ 360 Wp
地域: 米国 米国
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高度電池技術と製造能力を通じてモジュール効率を15.4%まで達成。0-3Wまでのポジティブトレランスは高い出力信頼度を実現。モジュールは強風(3800 Pascal)や積雪(5400 Pascal)に耐えると認定済。


325W 330W 335W 340W 345W 350W 355W 360W
製品保証 10 年
出力保証 90%の出力を12年間保証,80%の出力を25年間保証
325 Wp 330 Wp 335 Wp 340 Wp 345 Wp 350 Wp 355 Wp 360 Wp
37.4 V 37.5 V 37.6 V 37.7 V 37.8 V 37.9 V 38 V 38.1 V
8.69 A 8.8 A 8.91 A 9.02 A 9.13 A 9.24 A 9.35 A 9.45 A
46 V 46.1 V 46.2 V 46.3 V 46.4 V 46.5 V 46.6 V 46.7 V
9.12 A 9.21 A 9.33 A 9.45 A 9.57 A 9.68 A 9.78 A 9.89 A
16.75 % 17.01 % 17.26 % 17.52 % 17.78 % 18.04 % 18.3 % 18.55 %
  JIS規定検査条件(AM 1.5, 放射照度 1000W/m2, モジュール温度 25°C)
作動温度範囲 -40~85 °C
最大入力電圧 1000 V
定格入力電流 15 A
外形寸法 (高さ/幅/奥行) 1960x992x40 mm
質量 23 kg
セルタイプ 単結晶
セルサイズ 156.75×156.75 mm
1枚当たりのセル数 72
ガラスタイプ 薄膜タイプガラス基板,強化ガラス,アンチリフレクション・コーティング・ガラス,高透過型ガラス,低鉄ガラス
ガラスの厚さ 3.2 mm
保護剤 EVA
バックカバー TPT
構造フレームタイプ 陽極酸化アルミニウム合金
バイパスダイオード数 6
ジャンクションボックス保護 IP 67
コネクター MC4
ケーブル断面 4 mm2
ケーブルの長さ 900 mm

Product Feature

High Module conversion efficiency

Module efficiency up to 15.4% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities

Positive tolerance

 Positive tolerance of up to 0-3W delivers higher outputs reliability

Extended wind and snow load tests

 Module cerified to withstand extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow loads(5400 Pascal).

High PID resistant

Advanced cell technology and qualified materials lead to high resistance to PID.

Current sorting process

System output maximized by reducing mismatch losses up to 2% with modules sorted & packaged by amperage

Withstanding harsh environment

Reliable quality leads to a better sustainability even in harsh environment like desert, farm and coastline.

About Future Solar

Future Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and seller for solar panels in China. We strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system during production. Our products cover from 5W to 500W both for monocrystalline and polycrystlline with CE, TUV (IEC61215 & IEC61730) and ISO9001 certified, the power range in TUV has extended to 500W. Also our panels have got third party liability insurance.  

Future Solar regards “Quality, Brand and Honesty” as its philosophy. Future Solar develops rapidly and always focuses on the development of high quality products. At present, Future Solar is enlarging its production, making efforts to ensure its global leadership in this field. The products of Future Solar are sold abroad in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America South Africa and other areas, relaying on excellent quality and best services.

Under the support of many customers, Future Solar will certainly be your best cooperation fellow. Future Solar warmly welcomes the old and new customers both at home and abroad to establish business relationship with us! It is our earnest desire to serve our society and the environment with the solar energy products.


Futuresolar USA Inc

+1 594 2991536
228 Park Ave S, #79525, New York 10003
スタッフナンバ―: 50
注意:お問い合わせはFuturesolar USA Inc.に直接に送信されます。


生産高 (MW)/: MWp
パワーレンジ(Wp): 270-500


Contact Face
Contact Face
Futuresolar Group works as solar factory since 1987. We strive to drive down the cost of photovoltaic (PV) power generation through constant technological innovation, making solar power affordable for everyone while meeting the worldwide demand for clean energy.

We look forward to creating a framework for a future-oriented, cleaner, sustainable energy system so as to benefit mankind with solar energy.
タイプ: 単結晶,多結晶
パワーレンジ(Wp): 270-500

Futuresolar Group is the most professional solar factory in China mainland.

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