Alishan FC-T

Alishan Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.
価格 ¥238 / m2 より
タイプ: 高速キュア
地域: インド インド
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• Alishan FC - T is one of the fast cure variants of EVA encapsulants manufactured by Alishan Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., in the world class manufacturing technology and proven raw materials
• This especially meant for front/top EVA with transparency and better PID resistance
• Our EVA ensures the reliability and life of solar modules in the field
• Fast cure EVA encapsulants can be laminated in up to 15 minutes at a temperature varying from 140-150°C


タイプ 高速キュア
厚さ 0.30-0.80 mm
≤1350 mm
ロールの長さ 150 m
ゲル含有量 ≥75 %
引張強度 16 Mpa
伸長率 600 %
剥離強度(保護剤 - ガラス) ≥75 N/cm
剥離強度(保護剤 - バックシート) ≥75 N/cm
熱収縮率(幅/ TD) ≤3 %
熱収縮率(幅/ TD) ≤1 %
紫外線老化(黄·インデックス) ≤1 △YI
光線透過率 ≥91 %
真空時間 4-6 min
ラミネーション時間 8-10 min
硬化温度 140-150 °C

Alishan Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

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F101, Sky Villas, Sector 8A, Kamal Vihar, Raipur, Chattisgarh, 492015
親会社: Alishan Group
注意:お問い合わせはAlishan Green Energy Pvt. Ltd..に直接に送信されます。
Alishan Green Energy Pvt Ltd., a company to meet your requirements for EVA encapsulant.

Solar Module's life of 25 years depends mostly on the EVA encapsulant. It gives physical protection, the best electrical insulation, moisture protection and so on, such properties are best maintained in our EVA.

We are manufacturers of High-Quality Fast Cure and Ultra-Fast Cure EVA encapsulant, with state of an art manufacturing facility, modern equipment, proven raw materials, backed with a team of experts and an in-house R&D facility. We have our own in-house laboratory for Quality control.

Alishan EVA prime properties include custom-made UV cut-off wavelength, Excellent moisture resistance and weather-resistant, adhesion with glass and backsheet. PID resistance, non-discoloration or yellowing, thermal stability and transparency.
Alishan Encapsulants

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