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Hangzhou DG Technology Co., Ltd.
スタート価格 ¥115 / m2
タイプ: 標準キュア
地域 : 中国 中国
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1. Fast Cure/ Ultra Fast Cure EVA
2. Module lamination time can be reduced by at least 50% relative to standard cure encapsulants
3. Can be used for all crystalline silicon photovoltaic module constructions
4. The material is self-priming for adhesion to glass


タイプ 標準キュア
厚さ 0.2-0.8 mm
≤1250 mm
ロールの長さ 130-150 m
VA含有量 25-28 %
メルトフローインデックス 15-25 g/10min
密度 0.952 g/cm3
ゲル含有量 ≥75 %
引張強度 16 Mpa
ヤング率 4.7 Mpa
伸長率 430 %
吸水率 (20°C) ≤0.1 % / day
剥離強度(EVA - ガラス) ≥60 N/cm
剥離強度(EVA - バックシート) ≥40 N/cm
熱収縮率(幅/ TD) ≤3 %
熱収縮率(幅/ TD) ≤1 %
体積抵抗率 >4.5x10 ^14 Ω·cm
紫外線老化(黄·インデックス) ≤2 △YI
防湿耐熱老化(黄みの指数) ≤2 △YI
光線透過率 ≥90 %
紫外線のカットオフ波長 360 nm
屈折率 1.49
融点 65-75 °C
真空時間 4-4.5 min
ラミネーション時間 16-18 min
硬化温度 138-145 °C
硬化時間 11-13 min

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About us

Hangzhou DG Technology Co., Ltd.

Guanghui Industry District, Taihuyuan, Lin\'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
スタッフナンバ―: 50
Hangzhou Dongguang Technology Co,. Ltd was founded in 1984. As the one of the most developed company in ZheJiang Province, we recruited over 10 engineers specializing in PVC-U product research & development. We introduced Siemens technology to our production line in 2007.

In order to help our customers cut production cost, our EVA production line equipment has adopted the most advanced non-frame technology.

We are looking forward to a win-win cooperation from domestic & international partners.


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Yudi Lang
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Xin Wang

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