Schneider Electric to Optimize 17MW Project in Japan

公開日 2015/07/10
Schneider Electric  Saferay 
Schneider Electric is pleased to announce that they have provided the complete electrical balance of system (BOS) for a 17MW project in Japan.

Schneider Electric will provide a complete solution including PV Boxes, Array Boxes, and Monitoring and Control, using Schneider Electric's SCADA solution, Conext Control. Schneider Electric's offer results in a reduction of on-site labor costs and improves project execution time by providing packaged containerized power conversion systems, which houses Conext Core XC inverters, DC re-combiners, medium voltage switchgears, and a transformer.

For this project, Schneider Electric is working with saferay on their first PV project in Japan.

"We believe that through this project with saferay, we have once again proven that our fully integrated solution has significantly contributed to a decrease in the installation costs and verification tests at site, while ensuring a high level of quality, reliability, and compatibility for the customer", said Daniel Chua, Vice President, Commercial – North Asia for the Solar Business.

"For our mega solar projects, we are looking for high quality, compact PV power solutions provided by a reliable and bankable partner. Schneider Electric has our trust and confidence through years of collaboration in the European market", said Dr. Thomas Gnefkow, Director, saferay K.K., continuing, "We are very happy to be able to extend this partnership to projects in Japan where Schneider Electric greatly supports us, not only with their solutions and services capability, but with thorough knowledge around local regulations, codes, and standards related to power conversion, electrical distribution, and grid connection."


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