ET Solar Announces Establishment of Japanese Subsidiary in Tokyo

公開日 2012/12/03
ET Solar 

ET Solar Group Corp. ("ET Solar") today announced the establishment of its branch ET Solar Japan with the office location in Tokyo.

The new organization provides PV modules, solar systems and solutions in this rising PV market, where ET solar has engaged for years. Recently, ET Solar obtained JPEC certification for modules as a reward for its quality through a series of stringent tests, setting the stage for its access to the residential market. ET Solar achieved cooperation with local solar companies on developing technology for new modules.

ET Solar has seen stable growth in Japan. ET Solar Japan's foundation demonstrates that it has set up a service system with a local base in this region. Focused on offering reliable products and services, ET Solar is also working on supplying one-stop solutions to residential projects and MW-grade large scale solar power stations across Japan.

Mr. Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, commented: "It's a milestone for ET Solar as we are building up reliability firmly in Japan. The successful establishment of ET Solar Japan conveys our persistent efforts and commitment to bring clean, safe and affordable energy and turnkey solutions services to the local community. We will strengthen our partnership with Japanese solar players to fulfill the existing and pending transactions with high quality."


出所: ET Solar

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