IdeemaTec to Deliver Tracking Systems for 43.5MW Projects in Jordan

公開日 2015/05/07
Scatec  Ideematec Deutschland 
The horizontal tracking systems from IdeemaTec Deutschland GmbH will be used by the Jordanian government programme for renewable energies in three sub-projects, with a total volume of 43.5MW.

The Oryx project, with 10.5MW, will be implemented in the city of Ma'an, while the EJRE (22MW) and GLAE (11MW) projects will be implemented in the adjacent Ma'an Development Area, around 200km south of the capital, Amman. IdeemaTec is currently delivering 150 safeTrack Horizon trackers for a PV capacity of 10.5MW.

The solar power plants have been developed by Scatec Solar ASA and partners. According to Axel Hartung, Head of Sales and Marketing at IdeemaTec: "We were already able to prove the reliability of IdeemaTec and our products in 2013, when we delivered an 8.5MW Scatec Solar project in Rwanda. The safeTrack Horizon is particularly suited to desert regions, since its patented tracking with steel cords means that sand-sensitive shock absorbers can be avoided. It was thanks to our special, fault-free technology and prompt delivery that we were awarded the new order, which has allowed us to enter the Jordanian market." 

The tracking systems for the Jordanian projects are fitted with 240 modules arranged in 4x10 rows for each tracker unit. A further advantage, which considerably shortens installation time, is the low number of pile foundations required. The safeTrack Horizon needs just 250 piles per 1MW of output.

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