Lightsource and Push Energy to Deliver 10MW Essex Solar Farm

公開日 2014/11/17
Lightsource Renewable Energy  Push Energy 
Lightsource Renewable Energy partnered with Push Energy to successfully commission and connect a new solar farm set across 19 hectares of land to the south-west of Little Bardfield Village, in Essex.

With an installed capacity of 10MW, this new solar farm will provide a valuable local source of 'clean electricity' – enough to power more than 2,900 homes. The carbon savings from the solar farm will be the equivalent of taking 1,100 large family cars off the road. A total of 1,009 metres of new hedgerow, featuring native species of hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple and hazel, will be planted along the north-west and south-east boundaries to enhance visual screening around the solar farm whilst simultaneously creating new wildlife corridors, improving local biodiversity.

Kareen Boutonnat, Managing Director for Lightsource, comments: "We are delighted to partner with Push Energy on delivering this project. Our best offering to local developers is that they can be assured we already have secured finance and we have an established in-house team of over 320 full time professionals, on hand, to deliver the project immediately. We have a huge appetite for development and adding to our existing operational portfolio of over 600MWp."

Victoria Day, Development Director for Push Energy, comments: "Push Energy was very pleased to work with Lightsource on delivering this project. Lightsource’s deep experience made them the logical partner to work with to ensure the delivery of a high quality solar development."

Kareen concludes: "The added benefit of working with local developers is having access to local knowledge and expertise. By putting a little bit more thought around each project, not only do we create a home grown source of green electricity, but create projects that will sustain farming businesses and improve the environment for years to come. Truly making a difference within local communities. As our Asset Management and O&M functions are in-house local developers can also be assured your project will be valued and cared for long-term."


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