Focusic to Build 20.5MW PV Plant in China Using Soitec’s Modules

公開日 2014/10/21
Soitec  Focusic (China) New Energy 
Focusic New Energy Holding Co., Ltd. and Soitec announced that the second phase of the Hami concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) power plant project has started. It will be completed by the end of 2014, while the third and last phase of the project will be installed in 2015. With a final capacity of 20.5MW. 

"We started our cooperation with Soitec in 2011," explained Ma Wenxing, managing director at Focusic. "We first built a 2.7MW pilot plant based on their CPV technology, which was inaugurated last July. This first phase has confirmed the high efficiency and power output of Soitec's CPV technology. We therefore decided to use Soitec's modules for the two remaining phases of our project. At the end of this year, 5.8 new megawatts will be erected in Hami. Finally, we will reach a 20.5MW total capacity in 2015, with 12 additional megawatts to be installed during the third and last phase of the project. We are very proud to install such a utility-scale CPV power plant in China."

"The first phase of this project has already demonstrated the excellent results of our products and we are very pleased Focusic decided to pursue their collaboration with us for the remaining parts of this CPV power plant. Modules ordered for the second phase have all been shipped and we have already started to produce the ones needed for the third phase," said Fabio Mondini de Focatiis, vice president of Middle East, Asia Pacific and LATAM of Soitec's Solar Energy Division. "Soitec CPV systems are already installed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Regarding this new major project, we strongly believe that the combination of Focusic's local expertise and our CPV technology can effectively address China's renewable-energy needs with a competitive energy solution."

出所: Soitec

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