Grace Solar Collaborates on Large PV Project with South Africa Customer

公開日 2012/10/22
Grace Solar 

On 19th, October, another message comes from Grace Solar Technology. Grace Solar reached a large PV Power station project consisting of 600kw farm roof solar power station and 1MW ground solar power station with the South Africa visitor. Tin roof mounting system and tile roof mounting system will apply to the roof project while pole ground mounting system will be used for the ground solar power station.

The 600kw solar power project consists of 150 farms, and the installed capacity is about 3-5kw for each farm. For the roof of the 150 farms are mainly made of tin, Grace Solar tin mounting system with its high quality and perfect performance is fully satisfied the customer’s needs. After inspecting, the customer signed the letter of intent with Grace Solar in the meeting room.

The customer said: "Grace Solar has strong production strength and the products are very easy to install, that can save much labor cost and time". After discussion with Grace Solar engineers, the customer showed great interest in the pole ground mounting system for his 1MW ground solar power station. In consideration of the local social environment, Grace Solar Customized anti-thief bolts will be used. The entire project will start construction at the end of this year.

Further cooperation also will be realized on the exhibition of 2013 in Johannesburg. 


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