Inaccess to Monitor and Optimize Panama's 2.4MW Solar Power Plant

公開日 2014/07/09
Inaccess  Greenwood Biosar 
July 8, 2014 - Inaccess today announced that it has successfully commissioned its solar power plant optimization solution, insolar, at a 2.4MW solar power plant in Sarigua, a desert region in Panama's Herrera province. 

Located nine miles from the city of Chitre, Sarigua was connected to the grid in March 2014. The utility-scale plant is now providing 30 percent of the surrounding area's electricity demand – equivalent to the power used by 2,600 local homes. Greenwood Biosar provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for Sarigua. "The sophisticated monitoring solution provided by Inaccess will make it easier to identify underperformance or malfunction at the plant, allowing operators to intervene more quickly, saving money and ensuring financial health of the installation", said Greenwood Biosar CEO, Aris Polychronopoulos.

"We are proud of having contributed to a solar 'first' for Panama. We are honored to support the international expansion of strategic partners like Greenwood Biosar by leveraging Inaccess' ability to tailor our monitoring solutions to address specific requirements of diverse geographic markets", said Inaccess CEO, Christos Georgopoulos.

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