CSI to Build Third SkyPower Solar Park Located in Thunder Bay

公開日 2012/10/18
Rise Technology 

Completed the order for upgrade to 40MW production plant (from the previous 20MW) at Cappello company (Ragusa – ITALY), which has brought besides the throughput increase, also the new solutions introduction and a custom-made configuration based on tight facility space.

The strengthen cooperation that 2BG created with each customer, during the years, benefits from the joint of both experiences in optimizing the process technology. This type of collaboration is now in a concrete step between the R&D Division of 2BG and Cappello Group: the first gives all the engineering support for reaching the goal and the second makes at disposal its continuous manufacturing volume; the object is the industry testing of the IC200AR (last evolved model) under real extreme productive conditions. Both firms have agreed to integrate this fully-automatic system for the string interconnection soldering in the current line, monitoring the performances in different applications; as this is the most focus of the assembling module process, where high quality criterions have to be respected for an efficient product with long lifetime.

出所: 2BG

Rise Technology (生産設備): https://jp.enfsolar.com/rise-technology
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