Suniva Powers Multiple Auto Dealerships in New York

公開日 2014/01/29
Jan. 28, 2014 - Suniva, Inc. announces the completion of an 804kW solar system at Davidson Auto Group in Watertown, N.Y. The high-powered solar system, installed by High Peaks Solar of Troy, N.Y., compliments the auto group's existing eco-friendly auto fleet, further propelling its recognition as a green dealership.

The solar array at the Davidson dealership featuring Suniva's modules will produce approximately 750,000kW per year, which is enough energy to provide power for five separate facilities on the dealer's campus. The Suniva solar system also features SMA Sunny Boy inverters and uses Schletter's FS ground mounting system.

"Suniva has seen an uptick in vehicle dealerships going solar. It's exciting to see large solar installations such as this one at the Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan facilities; it's a testament that people are not only attracted to driving energy-saving, eco-friendly vehicles, but that people are also interested in clean, cost-effective power on the supply side of the ecosystem. They are already charging their plug-in EV's with power from the sun," said John Baumstark, chairman and CEO of Suniva.

"We are proud that our innovative green fleet, consisting of electric and hybrid vehicles will be showcased at a solar powered facility," said Dwight E. Davidson, Davidson co-owner. "The system has been live for over a month and already we've reaped the rewards of cost-saving, clean energy."


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