Canadian Solar Photovoltaic Firm Appoints SA Reseller

公開日 2012/09/28
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Canadian Solar has appointed Johannesburg distributor Powermode as an authorised reseller of its products on the South African market.

Powermode has a national footprint and will focus on providing architects, consulting engineers, facility managers and developers with Canadian Solar's photovoltaic (PV) modules.

The modules are used in various climate zones and in many configurations – from ground-mounted to residential and commercial rooftop systems, from grid connected to off-grid and from home systems to utility- scale PV systems.

Canadian Solar country manager for South Africa Marco Di Pietro said the company's authorised reseller programme intended to provide support and training for local resellers, which would then be able to service Canadian Solar installations, thereby instilling skills and creating jobs in the country.

"The partnership will allow us to bundle our products with local expertise and develop South Africa's solar-energy skills. It is an exciting time for South Africa's solar-energy market and our partnership with Powermode allows us to service the growing demand for PV modules in the country," said Canadian Solar VP and MD for Africa and the Middle East Jos van der Hyden.

Powermode will distribute Canadian Solar's full portfolio in South Africa, focusing on its bestseller, CS6P-P module with 60-solar cells for on-grid solar applications and the MaxPower CS6X-P module with 72 solar cells. Both are designed for utility, commercial and rural applications.

The larger of the two systems cuts back on system costs per watt by maximising tracker and racking space.

Powermode will also promote an economical off-grid solar- power solution by providing electricity for homes and communities that do no have access to stable grid power, or for emergency power supply during blackouts.



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