Juwi Signs 252 Million Euro Syndicated Loan with German Banking Consortium

公開日 2013/09/03
August 27, 2013 - It is a milestone for the juwi as well as an important signal for the further realization of the German energy transition (Energiewende): Under the leadership of Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank and UniCredit, a banking consortium of 13 financial institutions provides the German specialist for renewable energies with a credit line of 252 million euro.

"This syndicated loan is the financial basis for our operative business in the next three years", juwi CFO Martin Winter said at the signing of the agreement. The financial volume could be increased by one fourth compared to the previous, exclusively bilateral financial commitment. 

"For the juwi group, the signing of the syndicated loan is a key component of the company's business finance", says Sascha Röber, juwi's Head of Corporate Finance. Röber and his team negotiated the contract. "It is a distinctly visible act of faith from the financial world which cannot be valued highly enough against the backdrop of the problems of many other companies, especially in the solar sector", Röber continues.

A positive thing: "The principal of debt exceeds the minimum volume targeted by us. Moreover, five new banks, including the KfW banking group, have taken a share in the loan. Thus, we gain immensely in planning certainty and stability for the next strategic steps", juwi CFO Martin Winter states.

Christian Adrian, Head of Department Small Firm Sector at DZ Bank AG (Deputy Director) says: "With the successful signing of the syndicated loan the juwi AG is provided with a financial scope for new economic growth in the renewable energy market."

出所: Juwi

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