Powerway Awarded 30MW PV Project in South East Asia

公開日 2013/08/29
August 29, 2013 - According to latest figures, by 2016 the total installed photovoltaic solar energy in Southeast Asia will reach 5GW. With demand for energy growing ,Thailand becomes Asia's most promising renewable energy market. The government attaches a great deal of importance to the solar industry, and as Asia's first implementation of one of the countries FIT projects, plans to achieve the goal of a 2GWPV plant by 2022 are underway.

Powerway obtained another 30MW project. Powerway again worked together with a French EPC company. The project was officially launched in May, planned completion is by the end of this year. It will install 100,000 photovoltaic modules, covering an area of more than 60 acres. The generation power can be used for 90,000 people.

The project is located in Northeast Thailand. Powerway's engineers have designed a ground mounting system with an embedded foundation. Powerway provides a complete set of instructional documents and videos to customers involved in installation. Additionally, Powerway have sent a project team to the job site, providing technical support and training to local installation teams. 

出所: Powerway

Powerway (ソーラーコンポーネント): https://jp.enfsolar.com/powerway
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