Aleo Solar Offers European Polycrystalline Module Certified for Higher Feed-in-tariff in France

公開日 2013/08/22
Aleo Solar 
August 21, 2013 - From September onwards, aleo solar AG will offer its polycrystalline module S_18 with certified European components. Ingots, wafers and modules are produced within the European Economic Area. The aleo product therefore fulfills the criteria specified by the French Ministry of the Environment and is certified for a "Made in Europe" bonus. This means that photovoltaic operators in France will enjoy a ten percent higher feed-in tariff when using those modules. The aleo S_18 also received the carbon footprint certificate by the French photovoltaic engineering company Solstyce.

The French testing and certification laboratory Certisolis confirms that the silicon wafers fulfill the conditions applicable to the decrees issued by the French Ministry of the Environment in January 2013: "All stages of processing multicrystalline silicon blocks to silicon wafers are performed in Germany." On top of this, the VDE testing institute certified that aleo modules are manufactured within the European Economic Area. All stages of production – from soldering the cells through to lamination and electrical testing – take place in Prenzlau (in the German federal state of Brandenburg). 

Already since May 2013, a ten percent bonus is also available for aleo's monocrystalline S_19 and S_79 modules. The corresponding Solrif modules and laminates for building-integrated systems (BIPV) have as well been certified. 

Adrien Darragon, Director Sales for aleo solar in France, said that the bonus will give authorized aleo installers a competitive advantage: "We are proud to offer a certified European product that will enable our customers a ten percent higher feed-in tariff. This considerably boosts the cost-effectiveness of our photovoltaic systems and makes installations for small commercial roofs more attractive. We always strive to seek solutions for our customers, who already rely on our strong brand and quality".

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