Clinton Foundation, NRG Partner to Power Hospital in Haiti with Solar Energy

公開日 2013/07/16
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July 15, 2013 - NRG Energy Inc. today announced the completion of the first project of a new partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation to continue bringing the benefits of solar power to Haiti. A solar panel power system was installed at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Haiti, with support from solar technology manufacturers SMA, Unirac, Trina and Sunora Energy.

Solar power can help improve the quality and reliability of health care delivery to the hospital. The 100-kilowatt solar array and battery storage system is also expected to empower the hospital to enhance its life-saving services and equipment.

"The Clinton Foundation is continuing to support Haiti's long-term recovery efforts and sustainable development by expanding clean energy infrastructure," said Bruce Lindsey, chief executive officer, Clinton Foundation. "I'm pleased we've been able to work with NRG Energy on a new, complete solar power panel system for Hospital Bernard Mevs that will enable the hospital to provide quality health care for its patients."

Dr. Barth A. Green, President and co-founder of Project Medishare, added, "Bernard Mevs is the only hospital in Haiti with neonatal, pediatric and adult ICUs equipped with life-saving ventilators and life support technology, requiring a reliable source of power. This solar energy helps guarantee the safety of our precious Haitian neighbors afflicted with catastrophic injuries and diseases while in the care of our Bernard Mevs colleagues."

When completed, the hospital will benefit from solar power in three main ways:

(1) The solar system will significantly offset the need for diesel-fueled electricity. 

(2) The reliable energy source will provide the "always on" power needed to protect sensitive medical equipment from regular power surges or outages that can be damaging. 

(3) The emissions-free energy source will reduce pollution.

"This partnership will help to ensure the talented physicians at this critical health care facility will have the reliable electricity and affordable grid independence they need to provide quality health care services to all patients," said David Crane, NRG President and CEO. "This project is a first step in our new partnership with the Clinton Foundation, and the participation of our solar technology partners will help us, together, advance NRG's broader corporate strategy to alleviate energy poverty and promote cleaner energy solutions."

The project received support from solar technology manufacturers, including SMA, Unirac, Trina and Sunora Energy Solutions, which donated all of the solar panels, equipment and materials needed to install the Hospital Bernard Mevs array..

"As SMA partners once again with this generous, visionary group, we recognize the great need that Haiti has for reliable power sources that will improve care and quality of life for the Haitian people," said Henry Dziuba, President and general manager of SMA America. "Supplying inverters for the Hospital Bernard Mevs solar PV system and joining volunteers in Haiti to install the system was a true privilege."

"Sunora is pleased to support NRG and the Clinton Foundation as the engineering, procurement and construction lead at the Bernard Mevs Hospital solar project," stated John Plumlee, CEO of Sunora Energy Solutions. "Sunora is dedicated to supporting initiatives such as this one, and past installations in Haiti, to ensure the region has the dependable energy required to provide these much needed critical healthcare services."

"Solar is smarter energy that will protect the hospital's vital functions by providing a reliable source of power even in the case of loss of the grid," said Mark Mendenhall, President, Trina Solar Americas. "Trina Solar is proud to work together with our partners to provide our high-quality panels to this worthy project."

"We are very excited to partner with NRG and the Clinton Foundation in this team approach to ensure a safe and healthy environment for this childrens' critical care facility in Haiti," says Peter Lorenz, Unirac CEO. "Not only does this project demonstrates the value solar brings as a reliable energy source to improve the provision of health care to Haiti, but it also very much aligns with our parent company - Hilti - and their global commitment to positively effect change in communities throughout the world. We are grateful to be part of a permanent solution to Haiti's needs."

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