Solargiga Establishes New Business Cooperation with Sharp

公開日 2013/06/13
Solargiga Energy  Jinmao PV  シャープエネルギーソリューション株式会社 
Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited is pleased to announce a new business cooperation between the Company and Sharp Corporation ("Sharp"), pursuant to which Sharp will purchase a new type of product from the Company – 370MW of solar modules in the fiscal year of 2013. It is a new business deal for the Company and Sharp after almost a decade-long supply and sales partnership which promises to further strengthen the sustainable tie-up between the Company and Sharp. 

Recently, the Company and Sharp jointly arranged a supply and sales coordination meeting with dozens of global photovoltaic materials suppliers at the Company's Industrial Park located in the Liaoning Province city of Jinzhou. The meeting's agenda mainly concerned the sale of 370MW solar modules to Sharp from the Company, and focused on the auxiliary materials the Company required for the production process as well as how the Company might work even more closely with suppliers participating in the meeting. The discussions proceeded smoothly and the suppliers reached a consensus, also approved by Sharp. Given the Group's solar module production capacity is not currently enough to meet the needs of anticipated orders from Sharp, the Company will accordingly adapt a commissioning process to allow the Group's production capacity and quality to meet the expected demands. The cooperation has helped further solidify the supply and sales partnership between the Company and Sharp.

The Company has always been committed to meeting the highest quality requirements of customers in Japan. The Japanese market is the main export market for the Company with Sharp being its largest customer. The Company has a well-established supply and sales relationship with Sharp for almost 10 years, from initial cooperation by the Company to supply solar ingots, and then gradually expanding to solar wafers and solar cells. From 2013 onwards, the Company has added a solar module supply deal to its solid relationship with Sharp. Compared to last year, the range of products the Company now sells to Sharp has expanded rapidly, to include not only ingots, wafers and cells but also solar modules. The Company has not only become Sharp's photovoltaic industry whole chain products supplier, but is also the largest supplier in China for Sharp. Shipment quantities are far ahead from other peers.

Facing the imposition of US and EU tariffs and countervailing anti-dumping duties on Chinese PV products, PRC PV companies are all actively developing other sales regions outside of the US and EU to ease the pressure of high tariffs. Since the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, photovoltaic applications are more in demand by the market there. Japan's PV market has been growing sharply and has become a major market for global PV companies given that Japanese government solar subsidies are extensive. Leveraging on the landscape of Sharp's photovoltaic application in the global end-user market, the Board believes the cooperation between the Company and Sharp is not only beneficial to the Group's development in the Japanese market, but can also further expand the Group's product reach around the world.


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