KDC Solar, North Jersey Media Cut the Ribbon on Solar Facility at a Printing Plant in New Jersey

公開日 2013/05/09
KDC Solar  SMA 
May 7, 2013 - KDC Solar LLC, through its wholly owned subsidiary, KDC Solar NJMG, has commenced commercial operations at North Jersey Media Group's (NJMG) printing facility in Rockaway, New Jersey. 

The solar project is the largest PV solar system (4.96 megawatts) at any printing facility in the State of New Jersey. The new system, which will generate approximately 6.2 million kilowatt hours of solar electricity per year, will allow North Jersey Media Group's facility to receive approximately 60% of its annual electric needs from clean renewable solar energy and substantially reduce its carbon footprint. This is the equivalent of 700 homes being supplied with all their electricity for the year. In addition, there are discussions underway to add additional solar capacity when a new roof is installed on a portion of the facility. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony marking the commencement of commercial operations was held at NJMG's facility on May 6th. Among the local dignitaries in attendance were Don Reddin , Rockaway Township Council Member, Dave Washington , Rockaway Township Council Member, Gregory Poff , Rockaway Township Business Administrator, Vincent Brennan , Rockaway Township Police Captain and Planning Board Member, Jim Lutz , Rockaway Township Engineer and Craig Babcock , Rockaway Fire Marshall. 

KDC Solar signed an engineering and construction contract for the installation of the facility with Samsung C&T. J. Fletcher Creamer and Son, a fifth-generation contractor headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey, was the general contractor. The solar facility uses over 20,400 photovoltaic panels, 10 SMA America 500 kilowatt inverters and is ground mounted, roof mounted and on car ports across 50 acres of land. 

"North Jersey Media Group is pleased and proud to have served as the host and electric off-taker of this solar project," said Stephen Borg , President of NJMG. "This use of clean energy helps us continue our environmental stewardship as well as reduce costs. KDC Solar is a wonderful partner and I strongly recommend them to those considering similar projects," he said.

"We are very pleased to have worked with North Jersey Media Group and, in particular, the Borg family to bring this concept to reality. This facility is the largest PV solar facility at any printing facility in the State of New Jersey and will supply clean, lower cost, long-term solar energy to North Jersey Media Group for many years," said Hal Kamine , KDC Solar's Chief Executive Officer. "This project is another example of a successful 'behind-the-meter' clean solar electric system for business/government and institutions, which in turn create or preserve both short and long-term jobs for the state."


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