aleo solar Offers Versatile Laminates for Attractively Designed Photovoltaic Installations

公開日 2013/05/09
Aleo Solar 
May 8, 2013. aleo solar AG is adding frameless solar modules to its product range. These laminates are extremely versatile and allow a low-cost and flexible installation – on roofs and in building-integrated photovoltaic systems as well as in green field installations. Further advantages include the self-cleaning of the module due to its smooth surface and good rear ventilation for roof-parallel installations. Both has a positive effect on the module’s performance.

The laminates, which are just 4.5 millimetres thin, have the same mechanical stability as framed modules if installed with matching mounting systems. Numerous certified mounting systems are available for the frameless solar modules, which offer architects and planners a variety of potential applications. The laminates for example allow an optically uniform surface which can be designed in solid black with the L_79. Special mounting systems are also available for roof-integrated installations. This allows renewable energies to be integrated into buildings with an attractive design.

The polycrystalline L_18 solar module is available in power classes up to 260 watts, the monocrystalline L_19 up to 270 watts and the solid black L_79 up to 265 watts.

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