SOLON: Berlin's Largest Roof-Mounted PV System Goes Online

公開日 2012/08/21

- Berliner Energieagentur begins operation of 1.6MW system on top of wholesale market
- 5,540 solar modules supply electricity for roughly 600 households
- SOLON's SOLfixx, SOLbond Seam and SOLbond Rail systems used in construction

SOLON Energy GmbH has just finished constructing a 1.6MW photovoltaic system on behalf of Berliner Energieagentur, located on the rooftops of the Berliner Großmarkt wholesale market. Berlin's environment minister, Michael Müller, symbolically put the power plant into operation today. Installed atop a surface of just under 40,000 m2, Berlin's largest roof-mounted system generates approximately 1,400 megawatt hours of solar power per year, meeting the average demand of about 600 households while saving 850 tons of CO2 emissions. Berliner Energieagentur contracted and financed the project, and is also overtaking system operation.

SOLON placed 5,540 solar modules "made in Germany" on top of the wholesale market, using three systems especially manufactured and customized for commercial roofs, which are particularly lightweight and have a low impact on the roof's surface.

The SOLON SOLfixx system is used on the plastic rooftops at the Berlin wholesale market, the trough-shaped substructure of which is spot glued to the roof membrane, followed by the click-in installation of the modules. This plug & play system is simple to install and can be mounted without penetrating the roof. It weighs 12.9 kg/m², and modules are ideally aligned to the sun with a pitch of 10°.

SOLON designed the SOLbond PV system specifically for metal roofs. The product SOLbond Seam, weighing 11 kg/m², is used on the standing seam roofs of the wholesale market. Via innovative adhesive technology, the powerful frameless modules are attached to rail systems that do not penetrate the roof − here, installation is also quick and easy.

SOLON uses SOLbond Rail for trapezoidal sheet roofs. Installation is carried out by attaching a fibreglass-reinforced plastic rail directly to the roof and then glueing the frameless modules to the rail. The system has a weight of 11 kg/m².

All systems come with a product warranty of ten years and a five-phase 25-year performance warranty.



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