Luxembourg's Cactus Supermarkets Produce Energy via Kyocera Solar Modules

公開日 2013/04/25
京セラ株式会社  Solartec 
23 April 2013 – Energy-producing commercial and industrial buildings such as supermarkets are more than just a vision. They have already become reality. With the aid of efficient, highly developed solar modules installed on the roof, a supermarket can become an energy provider – whatever the weather.

The Luxembourg supermarket chain Cactus decided to take advantage of this and commissioned solar modules by Kyocera on the roofs of three markets in Bascharage, Ingeldorf and Redange.

The modules were installed by the Luxembourg-based company Solartec. Since December 2012, a total of 7,416 solar modules have been producing approximately 1,500,000kWh annually and saving up to 1,000,000 kg of CO2.

As Max Leesch, director at Cactus explains: "With the installation of the Kyocera solar modules, we are not only able to use the roofs of our supermarkets in order to economize: we are also acting in an ecologically sensitive and responsible manner."

All modules were developed and produced directly by Kyocera. The Japanese company operates a production facility for the European market in Kadan (Czech Republic).

Installation of the Kyocera photovoltaic systems on the Cactus supermarket roofs in Bascharage, Ingeldorf and Redange is not only another important contribution to the sustainable production of energy. It also links the supermarkets together in a new way. A total of 1,5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year are fed into the grid by all three facilities. This means that Cactus is a highly efficient energy supplier.

出所: Kyocera

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