Sungrow Renewables Obtained the Grid-connected Permit for PV Plus ESS Project in Spain

公開日 2023/02/07
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow renewables successfully obtained the grid-connected permit of Spain project called Coria with 135MWac PV+ Energy Storage on January 2023 in the romantic and passionate Iberian Peninsula, which is a milestone in the European power plant development business.

The Coria project will involve a large investment of around €100M as well as an innovative project that will add value towards the Spain energy transition. With the cooperation of local partners and power companies, the SR Spain team obtained the grid-connected permit with leading PV+ Energy Storage solutions, robust investment solutions, international credit qualifications, and stringent environmental standards.

Sungrow Renewables will take advantage of the technology and experience in the field of optical storage convergence to provide large-scale optical storage PowMart smart energy solution and support local grid to promote PV consumption. The project team also determined the local ecosystem, and put efforts into local environmental protection and biodiversity conservation to create an eco-friendly environment for local communities and the grid.

The Coria 135MWac PV+ESS project has accomplished a breakthrough for Sungrow Renewables in the European market, and also fully demonstrated Sungrow Renewables’ rapid adaptability to policy changes in the European power market and its strong market development capability. Sungrow Renewables will continue to explore the European market and contribute more Sungrow solutions to accelerate the transformation of the energy structure in Europe.

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